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With our book, website, and class offerings just weeks away from launching, I was thinking about the word ‘hone.’ To hone is to ‘smooth and sharpen,’ as in a blade.

Another definition is to ‘refine or perfect (something) over a period of time,’ much like a golf professional honing their swing and placement of the ball at various distances.

As I try to hone the message of why we are bringing Hummingbird Agile and its delivery ecosystem to the market, I may struggle with the words, but the message just rings more simpler in my mind and heart. Hummingbird Agile is not a flex of the muscles with a shout, “Our agile is bigger and badder than your agile.” It’s not even a prideful, pragmatic cry that it’s better.

The Mission Statement of Hummingbird Agile is a burning quest to produce and deliver sustenance to the consumer with speed, excellence, and high worth. It’s a return, a reorientation, a redirection back to why we all originally fell in love with agility: simple, ultra-lean, easy to understand, quick to implement and fun to continuously improve on. It’s agility honed.

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