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“The more you engage with [consumers] the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

- John Russell, President of Harley Davidson”
Requestor and receiver of value
Can be external or internal
The driver of priorities

The term customer is thought to be too narrow in focus, so we have expanded the recipient of incrementally delivered value to the term consumer. Hummingbirds are consumers of nectar. They are the recipient of high-octane energy and body-building protein for sustainment. In Hummingbird Agile, the consumer is any recipient and user of the value. The consumer could be external or internal, functionally motivated, or architecturally focused; there are all kinds of consumers of value. Hummingbird also knows business agility and technical agility are not separate and distinct entities; they integrate as part of the universal delivery of the end-product or solution. Value is not just technological but anyone who consumes and is delighted by it.