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Though we have provided a good amount of starter content on the website, the book, Hummingbird Agile, is your one-stop resource to know all the ins-and-outs and nuts-and-bolts of the Hummingbird Delivery Ecosystem. Hummingbird Agile is a unique read in that it is technical and comprehensive for sure, but it is not a dry reference bible to collect dust on the shelf. It is an engaging cover-to-cover read, filled with 30-plus  years of real-world stories and lessons learned, anecdotes and analogies to help you connect the dots, and clear differentiators from every other agile flavor, light, or scaling framework on the market. 

In addition, we bring a whole new approach to metrics that you’ll only be able to find in the book, which focuses on the fix rather than the failure. In this chapter, you can read about our philosophy on quick gut-feel estimating vs. pre-planning estimating. When it comes to scaling Hummingbird Agile, the book provides all the details and strategy around how to approach scaling for large product lines and solutions.

So, pick up your copy today, and tell your friends as well!

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