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What is an agile transformation, and what should it really look like? How do I know if it’s successful, and what do I measure to know if I’m getting the value for my investment?

As a leader of your organization, you absolutely should not only know the answer to this question but be the one that best articulates that to the masses. A closer look at the definition of transformation simply reveals that it’s “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.” If this is true, then an agile transformation should yield both cultural change and delivery outcomes that are dramatically different than any other SDLC methodology your company has implemented or experienced. Does this look like the company you are part of? Has it truly taken on a clear and dramatic metamorphosis to be able to keep up with the fast-paced market and compliance-driven demands of today? Has it moved off the endless treadmill of ‘transformation’ and into ‘adoption,’ where your people are no longer reading the plays from a proverbial wristband, but rather instinctively reacting and intrinsically responding to change within a continuous cycle of improvement? 

If you answered ‘no’ to most of these questions, isn’t time to find out why? This is so much deeper than data, metrics and directives. In many companies, the agile framework didn’t necessarily fail the organization, but the organization failed the framework by twisting and reshaping it to fit their traditional and often archaic patterns of working. But, in other cases, you may have concluded that today’s frameworks have become too complex and bloated, leaving the organization in a whirlpool of slow or impeded delivery, ballooning budgets, and disconnected processes and practices.

If you believe this is the case for you, doesn’t your company deserve to know whether there is a better solution out there, a better fit that returns agility back to a more easy, simplistic, and fluid form of delivery? Wasn’t agility always meant to deliver incremental value faster without sacrificing quality? Where has it all gone wrong? Hummingbird Agile was developed to answer and solve these dilemmas, in some cases with just a tweak, and in other cases, a dramatic approach or shift to trim the fat and cut the cancer of any role, process or practice that deters from achieving delivery speed, engineering excellence, and high-worth value to the customer.

We invite you to come on that journey with us to discover whether Hummingbird Agile can help unlock and release whatever is holding your company back from experiencing delivery speed, engineering excellence and high-worth value to the consumer.   

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