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Hummingbird Introductory Workshop:

Hummingbird Agile workshops are offered in both a live group environment, as well as a video class so you can access and learn when you want, at your pace and convenience. Either way, attendees will receive a comprehensive, high-level overview of Hummingbird Agile with deeper explanations around its philosophy and practices. Register for one of our workshops today.

Hummingbird Courses

Hummingbird Agile is in the process of building out a certification arm for all role-based courses, as well as train-the-trainer and road-to-launch courses specific to organizations who are ready to adopt and implement Hummingbird Agile in their company. With that said, we have the ability to provide on-demand training for any company who wishes to accelerate their road to launch. Check back with us to see how our progress is coming in the exciting future offering, and we also promise to announce any new class offerings through our blog, newsletter and social media.

Hummingbird Events

Hummingbird Agile Events are designed from the ground up to be resources for developing a solid implementation plan for your agile delivery plans.

Meet-up Groups:

In addition to our workshops and courses, Agile’s Edge will be holding regular events; some virtually and some in physical gatherings at the site locations. These gatherings will galvanize around a Lunch-n-Learn format where a topic will be presented by an industry expert, and then open up for discussion.

If you are interested in hosting one of are ‘TBD’ event sites to hold local or virtual events within your city, email us and we’ll reach out to discuss the format, as well as terms and conditions, around what it would take to launch your own site events.