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Meet Your New
Agile Consultant

I’m Gerald Blanchard, a freelance consultant in all aspects of the agile space.

I’m Gerald Blanchard, a freelance consultant in all aspects of the agile space. Outside of my involvement with Hummingbird Agile, I coach companies and leaders on how to improve their agile transformations through teaching, coaching, and consulting. It’s important to have at your fingertips a person with a wide variety of business and industry experience, as well as the leadership acumen, to understand culture and human holonic systems.

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As an agile coach, I coach and train mindset, roles, process efficiency, regardless of level of maturity a company is at in their agile transformation journey, or what framework or methodology is involved. I am educated in all the top agile frameworks, but I am framework agnostic as a consultant. Because of my 20+ years in software development and program/project management, I also specialize in bringing companies through the rough waters of transition from waterfall / SDLC methodologies into an agile way of thinking and working.

What Are Consulting Retainers?

It’s a subscription model, which is used in dozens of practices and services that we use every day, including naturopathic doctors, video streaming services, free shipping services, gym memberships, web SEO work, videography/editing, nutrition, and real estate to name a few. The great thing is the flexibility in commitment and the short or on-demand engagement model that allows you to discontinue at any time.

No matter what stage of your business you are in, consulting retainers can be a perfect value add for companies who just need one-time or short-term access to an expert without having to hire on a contractor for 6-12 months at a full-time hourly or project rate.

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Pay for Work Retainer

Pay for hours worked in exchange for work or services delivered. This option is very much the same as a contract or a project. The only difference is that I provide and deliver work on an ongoing basis until my services are no longer needed. You can discontinue the service at any time, even in the middle of the month, and we can pro-rate only on the days worked within in that month.

$225/ hour
  • Up to 20 Hours Per month
  • Ongoing Service
  • No minimum contract
$220/ hour
  • Up to 30 Hours Per month
  • Ongoing Service
  • No minimum contract

Best Value!

$215/ hour
  • Up to 40 Hours Per month
  • Ongoing service & no minimum contract

Pay for Access Retainer

The key difference is you are not trading hours for dollars concerning specific deliverables and work that I provide. Rather, you’re paying to be able to access me on-demand within an agreed upon service level agreement (SLA) – for my knowledge, experience, and expertise, using me in whatever capacity for as much or as little as you need within the fixed-price package you pick.

My guarantee back to you is my availability and prompt response when requested. This can be in the form of a quick question, jumping on call or meeting, doing an assessment, leading a topical workshop for a group, facilitating a 2-day planning event, just to name a few.


  • Up to 5hrs per month
  • 24hr or less response


$1,800/ month
  • Up to 10hrs per month
  • Same-day response


$3100/ month
  • Up to 15hrs per month
  • Less than 4hrs Response Time

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