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Agile's Edge provides training and professional services to all industries interested in or currently using business and/or technical agility to deliver solutions to their external and internal customers.
The Founder
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Hummingbird Key Concepts
Introducing Hummingbird Agile

Hummingbird Agile is a true and distinctive alternative to scrum or any of the scaling frameworks that currently exist in the market.

Hummingbird Agile is a fresh and frameless approach to agile delivery, reigniting the focus back to delivery speed, engineering excellence and high-worth value. In this world fast-paced market and compliance driven demands, companies need a delivery engine that adapts and responds more quickly without sacrificing quality.

How Does it Work?

Explore Hummingbird Agile on a more immersive learning level by selecting one of the below Hummingbird posters and clicking on any icon on the picture.





Boldly re-imagine agile as more than just a mindset, but a burning quest to produce and deliver sustenance to the consumer with speed, excellence and high worth.

Hummingbird Agile is an agile delivery ecosystem inspired by the agility of the hummingbird.

Aligned to the Agile Manifesto and it's 12 principles, the Hummingbird Delivery Ecosystem streamlines efficiency with 6 core principles.


Speed of delivery is the reduction of cycle time from consumer request to value delivery


Engineering excellence encompasses uncompromised quality, built-in innovation, and test automation.


High-worth value is the result of delivering something to the consumer that met or exceeded their expectations.

The 6 Principles of Hummingbird Agile

“Aligned to the Agile Manifesto and it's 12 principles, the Hummingbird Agile advances and improves delivery efficiency with 6 core principles.”

Hi! I'm Gerald Blanchard

I’m the creator of Hummingbird Agile, the premiere choice for delivering value to the consumer with hummingbird-like speed and agility.

On behalf of the whole team at Agile’s Edge, LLC, we hope you’ll enjoy discovering and learning the fresh and frameless approach to agile delivery that returns the focus back to delivery speed, engineering excellence and high-worth value.

A Little Of My Story

Gerald’s career encompasses thirty-plus years of expertise in software development, systems engineering, program/project management and agile.

He has brought all this accumulated experience and wisdom into the creation of an agile delivery ecosystem that immediately delights, accelerates growth, and enhances stability. Gerald offers immersive training courses to learn, practice, and deepen the skills and aptitudes offered in this book.

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