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“Agile transformation is primarily an inner game, a shift in the internal competency of the human system.”

- Michael Hamman
C-Suite Leaders & VP’s
Leads the strategic vision
Handles strategic funding & allocation

Though leadership within the enterprise are the primary strategic planners and decision-makers, they sit outside of the Hummingbird Delivery Ecosystem. Certainly, they are the ones who determine the strategic vision, work priorities, and funding allocations, there is a hand-off that takes place between the determined vision (leadership) and the breaking down, execution, and delivery of work (hovers).

Hummingbird does not prescribe or dictate how an organization should be run, knowing that every company is structured differently and there is no one way or right way to do it. Hummingbird stays in its lane, focusing on fine-tuning the engine of delivery to be the fastest, highest quality, and desired worth of value to the consumer as possible.