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A Fresh and Frameless Approach to Agile Delivery
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Check out our get started video collection just for you.
Check out our get started video collection just for you.
Check out our get started video collection just for you.
Check out our get started video collection just for you.

What is Agile Anyway?

Where did it come from? Where is it today?

What is Agile?

Agile is an incremental delivery approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster. Agile replaces the high-risk “big bang” release concept with agile teams who deliver work in small, but consumable, increments. This empirical process encourages continuous inspection and adaptation, creating a mechanism for responding to change quickly.

Where are its Origins?

With the introduction and explosion of open-source technology in the 1980’s, and the flurry of new and ever-changing languages and tools to support it, Harvard professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka wrote an article in 1986 titled, “The New New Product Development Game.” They emphasized a holistic approach, focusing on speed and flexibility, and a rejection of silos and sequential handoffs. In that article was the first reference and connection to rugby, which inspired the term scrum.

How did it grow?

Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber created scrum, which grew quickly in acceptance and adoption when the Scrum Alliance was formed to offer scrum classes. In 2001, the Agile Manifesto was created, which further solidified its popularity and use. In 2011, Scaled Agile Framework came up with a framework for agile to scale for larger products and solutions.   

So What is Hummingbird Agile?

A Revolutionary Idea

What is Hummingbird Agile?

Hummingbird Agile is an attempt to resurface and reignite what was always intrinsically true about agility. Rather than a hierarchical, heavy, top-down approach, Hummingbird is a frameless, circular and exponential delivery ecosystem, shedding layered and costly roles, collapsing the distance between developer and customer, and eliminating any wasteful cadence or practice.

Hummingbird Agile is a perpetual-discovery, continuous-delivery ecosystem, one that satisfies the customer’s insatiable appetite for just-enough, just-in-time releases that immediately delight, accelerate growth, and achieve sustainability.

Hummingbird against the leading Scaled agile offerings


Cost Reduction

Or a 52% reduction in resource overhead for every 50 teams


Faster Delivery

Faster first-slice of value to the customer


Higher Productivity

Individual team member hours saved, per team, every quarter

Hummingbird Agile is an agile delivery ecosystem inspired by the agility of the hummingbird.

Aligned to the Agile Manifesto and it's 12 principles, the Hummingbird Delivery Ecosystem streamlines efficiency with 6 core principles.


Speed of delivery is the reduction of cycle time from consumer request to value delivery.


Engineering excellence encompasses uncompromised quality, built-in innovation, and test automation.

High Worth

High-worth value is the result of delivering something to the consumer that met or exceeded their expectations.

How Does it Work?

Explore Hummingbird Agile on a more immersive learning level by selecting one of the below Hummingbird posters and clicking on any icon on the picture.







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