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I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Founder, CEO, and chief consultant for Agile’s Edge, LLC, the creators of Hummingbird Agile – the premier choice for delivering high-worth value to the customer with hummingbird-like speed and agility. Now is the time to reorient and recalibrate agility back to focusing on delivery speed, engineering excellence, and high-worth value to the customer. Today’s market and compliance driven demands require our delivery approach to be even more lean, more adaptable, more responsive to change. I’ll be sharing more in the next coming weeks around details and dates of the release of our new book, Hummingbird Agile, and where you can register for upcoming meet-ups, introductory workshops or a quick executive summary white page. #frameless #agile #agility #hummingbirdagile #circular #halocratic #lean-agile

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