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The Garden

“This philosophy [blooms and stems] teaches us to leave safe harbor for the rough seas of real-world experience, and to accept that a rough copy out in the world serves us far greater than a masterpiece sitting quietly on our shelves.”

- Chris Matakas
Hover-level container
Houses ready blooms & stems
Tended by hover-level roles

Similar to a program backlog that houses business features and enabler features, the garden is the hover-level container that holds blooms (business value) and stems (architectural stability) that take 1-2 circuits (3-6 weeks) to complete.

The garden is regularly populated, tended to, and prioritized by the hover-level roles in collaboration with business and technical contributors who help bring strategic clarity and expertise on how to break down the work. The goal of a healthy garden is to house sized and prioritized blooms and stems that are ready for crews one or two circuits ahead of the current circuit.