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Hummingbird Agile for Coaches & Leads

What is the Industry Telling Me?

The role of agile coaching holds a dichotomy of views and opinions among leaders within an organization. Some see it as essential, and some see it as a cost overhead that is optional.  In either case, it is rarely as simple and straight-forward as that, and there are many variables to consider. As an agile coach for 12+ years in companies of all sizes and complexities, consider the advice and encouragement Gerald gives to both experienced coaches, as well as those looking to break into this space. 

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The Art of the Tinker

Though it has several meanings, the word ‘tinker’ is often used to describe the act of attempting to repair something. Metaphorically speaking, agile coaches do not build engines from scratch. They do not strip a motorcycle down to a million strewn parts on the basement floor only to put it all back together like new. Agile coaches are more associated with tweaking and fine-tuning while the vehicle is running and moving, looking for that one adjustment that can give a team the edge they need. They are tinkerers and it’s the art of the ‘tinker’ that can keep a team of teams running at optimum efficiency. Click HERE to learn more on how the art of spot-coaching is a critical tool in the agile coach’s toolbox, especially within the Humming Delivery Ecosystem

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