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Hummingbird Agile for Product Experts

Honed Value

Today’s modern-day version (or perversion) of scaling agile within a company has created layers and distance between the consumer and teams, and right smack in the middle are product managers and owners. With these roles fully entrenched and ingrained into the industry as well as the culture and minds of product experts, it will be difficult to ‘unlearn’ certain anti-patterns to get to a healthier place of understanding of what the role really means to the health and sustaining vibrancy of an agile transformation. Click HERE to read the rest of what Gerald has to say about honing value as a product expert.

The Translator

Product experts within a company often are positioned as an advocate for the customer because the customer, whether they are internal or external to the company, cannot be everywhere at once, and time constraints and priorities prevent them from physically sitting in on key planning and refinement sessions. Therefore, the product expert stands in as a proxy for the customer, a delegate who acts as a translator for the organization, interpreting the language of the customer for the ears of the producers who are to deliver value as a circular closure of the process. Click HERE to hear more about the role of the product SME within Hummingbird Agile and the importance of their job as translator.

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