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Traditional business analysts in a waterfall methodology are vitally important.

 Like Product Managers or Product Owners within a scaled agile framework, you have deep business and product knowledge, and you use that knowledge, along with your networking and relationship-building skills, to understand new business project initiatives, write requirements, work closely with IT teams, handle the details around change orders, and running down approvals. 

Then, you notice a few agile teams popping up in the company, and you are not a part of that, nor invited to their ‘ceremonies,’ whatever those are! It makes you start asking questions to people who are in the know. You start questioning what this agile thing means for you and your career. You start looking around and there is no role or title that exactly translates to your skill sets in this new agile structure, causing you to wonder where you fit in, if at all.

In common agile scaling frameworks, you start hearing roles like agile portfolio manager, product manager, and product owner. On the surface, it seems like a good fit of transferrable skills, but how do you get taken seriously for such a position? Are there certifications to attain? How much hands-on experience is required for each role, and how do you rebuild your resume to reflect the same or similar experience that gives you credibility?

I have spoken to many people in companies with these questions. Rest assured, if you have deep product knowledge and a proven history of galvanizing people to a subject or goal, and you can easily network to get the research and answers you need to translate the language of leadership into a language that teams understand, there is a place for you in the Hummingbird Agile Delivery Ecosystem. If you have experience or exposure to the product manager role, that ‘PM’ in you will come out and be effective in our role, which we call the Hover Consumer Delegate. Everyone these days must always stay a step ahead in preserving their marketability as the agile industry continues to disrupt traditional project management practices and mindsets. Don’t be caught off-guard or left out in the cold. Stay proactively curious and educated, and be willing to do the hard work of personal and professional transformation. Then, you’ll be just fine!

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