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Today’s modern-day version (or perversion) of scaling agile within a company has created layers and distance between the consumer and teams, and right smack in the middle are product managers and owners.

Product experts are essential to the health and fluidity of agility within an organization. They often hold the key to translation of consumer requests into incremental components that teams can execute and deliver. The perfection of this task and ability is never fully achievable, but it’s imperative that product experts continue to hone their craft to improve, because so much is on the line.

The definition of ‘hone’ is to refine and perfect (something) over a period of time. The importance of your role and the value you bring daily deserves the investment in honing your ability to stay engaged in the process of delivering constant and better clarity around the work. 

I equate it a waiter at a restaurant. We all know what a bad server looks like. They show up hurried 20 minutes after you’ve been seated, quickly race to take your drink orders, and then return another 20 minutes later to deliver the wrong order to your table. After you get your food, they ignore checking up on you to see if the food is okay, if any glass needs refilling, or if there is anything additional you need to make your dining experience stellar.

The product expert is like the waiter in the sense of serving everyone above and below them in such a way that their experience in working with you is stellar. This requires constant interaction, engagement, and a servant’s heart to want to please. You may not receive a tip for doing your job well, but whether it’s a portfolio leader or a team, everyone wants to work with someone who is willingly to serve, breakdown the work in a simple and understandable way, and constantly provide clarity and check back to see if there is anything else they need. 

Hummingbird Agile has such a role, but it is less about title and more about how you show up. And, if you show up with a servant’s heart, with holonic thinking, and with the kind of attentiveness that leaves no stone of clarity unturned, the outcome is magic!

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