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If you are fairly new to agile and are still trying to figure out what the big deal is, there’s a history lesson in there.

Since Takeuchi and Nonaka first introduced the idea of agile in 1986, agile has become more of a ‘noun’ than a ‘verb’ – a multi-billion-dollar industry of endless educational classes and certifications that have made a few companies rich, but has done nothing to preserve the simplicity of agility that authors and signers of the Agile Manifesto envisioned back in 2001.

Agile as become an umbrella term that drapes over every kind of unique framework out on the market. As the popularity and pressure to scale increased, everything slowly got heavier and more complex. You could see organizational fatigue wash over everyone. Today we no longer have a clean end-to-end picture of what agile really is or the outcomes to fearlessly protect it to make the effort worthwhile. 

Agility was always meant to personify its name – simple, quick, incremental in it’s delivery of outcomes to the customer. Hummingbird Agile seeks to return agility back to its roots of delivery speed, engineering excellence and high-worth value to the customer.

However, that will not be easy with all the entrenched mindsets that have become addictively familiar and comfortable with their light and scaled frameworks. The Hummingbird Delivery Ecosystem is a second generation of agility, a new revolution void of heavy, hierarchical structures and layers-upon-layers between the customer and the team producing value for them.

Hummingbird Agile is holacratic, circular and exponential in its design, trimming the fat and cutting the cancer of any role, process or practice that contributes to waste in the fluency, flow and speed of incremental value to the customer. As you consider taking one of our introductory workshops, think about the difference described here between agile – noun, umbrella term – and agility – verb, a fierce goal to protect – and perhaps this may help you understand a little better where the industry is at and where Hummingbird Agile sits as a clear alternative. 

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