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Hummingbird Agile for Leaders

What is Transformation?

What is an agile transformation, and what should it really look like? How do I know if it’s successful, and what do I measure to know if I’m getting the value for my investment? If it’s not drastically different, and it’s not transformative, but rather, just ‘different,’ then what is it all for? Click HERE to hear more of what Gerald has to say to leaders who truly want to engage in the process of discovery, armed with the right mindset, heart and posture to experience authentic agile transformation within their organization.

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Caught in the Grey

What does it look like and what is the impact for organizations who have one foot in the speed boat of their agile transformation and one foot still entrenched on the dock of their old program/project planning mindsets? Click HERE to hear more of what Gerald has to say to leaders staying in the ‘grey.’ 

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Informed Mind, Inflamed Heart

Leaders often initiate the change from old program/project planning to agility mindset and practices, but once that announcement and initial seed funding is accomplished, leaders step off the pedal of their own personal transformation, leaving the company to transform from the bottom-up until they hit an eventual leadership lid. What does it take for leaders to step out and lead the transformation from the front? Click HERE to hear more Gerald’s call for leadership to reach down and pull out what is inherently inside all of us.  

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